Dog & Puppy Clothes in Miami

Dog & Puppy Clothes in Miami

Don’t forget safety and comfort when dressing your dog

When choosing apparel for your pampered pooch, make sure you consider fit, safety and comfort in addition to fashion and style. When you are looking for dog apparel in Miami for your dog, take a few things into consideration before you buy anything. 

First of all, never force your dog to get dressed up if he or she does not want to. There are some dogs that just don’t like it. They were either never trained as little ones to wear clothing or they are simply resistant to it. Do not force your furry friend into fashion if they don’t like it. Dog apparel should be fun for both dog and parent.

Make sure anything your dog wears does not inhibit his or her range of motion or blocks their vision. Pick clothing with fabric that moves with your dog and allows him or her to move freely without be constricted. If you are putting a hat or covering on their head, make sure they can see when they are walking. If you are walking your dog at night, make sure there is reflective material on their clothes or leash, especially if they are wearing dark colored clothing. 

Proper fit is crucial so make sure to take your dog’s measurements before making any purchase. You don’t want anything that is too tight especially around the neck and torso areas and you don’t want anything that drags on the floor, which can cause your pup to trip and hurt themselves. If a garment is too large, your dog could wriggle right out of it, totally defeating the purpose of clothing in the first place! 

Allergies can also pose a problem with clothing you put your pup in. Make sure to notice any irritations to their skin or coat when placing any new clothing on them. If skin irritation develops and he or she starts scratching, remove the garment. Before you buy anything new, try and figure out, with the help of your veterinarian, what exactly is causing the allergy.

Be sure to supervise your dog when they are wearing any garment or accessory. Dogs are creative little beings and while they may think they are being smart about trying to wriggle out of something, they may, in fact, be choking or hurting themselves. Don’t tie or buckle anything too tightly but make sure you are with them when they are wearing their fashions. You want to have a happy time dressing your four-legged baby, so make sure you are taking precautions so that nothing goes wrong to ruin that happy time. 

When you are looking for dog apparel in Miami, check out Miami Pooch Pet Boutique. We have styles for every function and every dog. We understand how fun it can be to dress up your doggie but we also understand that safety and comfort come first.

Please check us out online or in store to see what we have for your furry family member today.

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