Dog Accessories & Grooming Tips from a Miami Pet Boutique

Dog grooming tips: how to make your pooch look his best before the dog accessories

Dog Accessories & Grooming Tips from a Miami Pet Boutique

Dog grooming is one of your dog’s basic needs. They need physical maintenance to look and feel their best, just like we do. Dogs don’t need to bathe as often as we do, but you do need to know how much grooming your dog actually needs. Not only is grooming necessary but finding the best dog accessories in Miami are important as part of the feeling and looking good process for your pup. 

If your dog has any conditions, the advice of a veterinarian supersedes any grooming tips out there so you will need to follow their grooming instructions. But for basic grooming tips, here are a few to remember.

Hair brushing

Most dogs enjoy being brushed so that is always a plus. You can strengthen your relationship with your dog as well as maintaining a healthy coat. Regular brushing will keep the coat shiny and healthy. You can also add cute dog accessories to their hair like bows and bandanas. Most dogs will allow being bedazzled, others not so much.

Nail trimming

Unlike hair brushing, nail trimming is not something a dog (or owner) enjoys. Most dogs don’t like to have their paws handled and if cut too short, it can be painful. Dog owners are often uncomfortable with this process and therefore a veterinary technician or groomer may be your best bet for nail trims. Most dogs need a monthly trim and sometimes it’s worth the aggravation of getting them to the vet instead of trying to do it yourself.


Most dogs hate bath time and most owners are particularly fond of it either. But, it doesn’t have to be disastrous if your dog can get used to it. If you learn how to bathe your dog properly by making it enjoyable for your pup, it will be an easier process. Most dogs only need to be bathed when they are dirty or seem itchy but many people like to bathe them monthly. Use a soap free shampoo for dogs and depending on your dog’s coat and skin, seek a veterinarian for a recommended shampoo.


Dogs with hair that grows continuously need their hair cut every two to four weeks. This chore is best left to professional groomers and it isn’t recommended to do it yourself although you can learn some basic maintenance haircuts.

Ear cleaning

If not kept clean, your dog’s ears can develop bacteria and yeast. Some dogs have no ear problems and others need constant cleaning. Most dogs can have their ears cleaned during their monthly bath. If you notice any issues with your dog’s ears such as excess debris or a foul odor coming from them, consult your veterinarian. Often ear problems are a sign of allergies so it is best to get it checked out. 

Taking proper care of your beloved pet doesn’t have to be hard and it should never be avoided. Dogs need proper care and maintenance just like humans do. After all the grooming, treat your pampered pooch to a shopping spree.   You can purchase dog accessories and dog apparel at Miami Pooch Pet Boutique. They understand the importance of proper grooming care for your pup and they also understand how important it is to keep your baby looking and feeling great!

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