Small Dog Apparel in Miami

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Small Dog Apparel in Miami

It’s hard to resist the cuteness of small dogs. They remain small throughout their lives so we treat them like they are puppies forever. We talk to them like they are toddlers, we dress them in dog apparel but in the end, and they deserve to be part of your family. If you are looking to adopt a small dog, there are some things you should know before you start. Small dogs need special care and attention than their larger counterparts. They are more delicate in physical stature but that doesn’t mean a small dog is a wimp. Quite the opposite!

So where do you start if you think one of these tiny breeds are in your future? There is so much to consider when getting a new dog. It can feel overwhelming.

Where to start?

When you want to adopt a dog, big or small, where should you go to find your forever pup? Should you call a breeder, contact a rescue center or visit a local shelter? There are so many options so you need to decide ahead of time which one is going to feel best to you. If you are considering a specific breed, going to a reputable breeder may be your best option. But, if you just want to find a puppy to love and don’t care what breed it is, there are plenty of dogs at local shelters who need your love and your home.

Cost of ownership

Do you have any idea how much a dog will cost you? You need to budget for bringing home a new member of the family and sometimes it isn’t cheap. While it’s true a small dog won’t eat as much as a large dog, there are still expenses. You have to visit the vet, there are grooming costs and because your small dog is so darn cute, lots of outfits and accessories to turn your pup into a fashionista.

Does size matter?

If you are looking for a tiny dog, there are quite a few breeds that you can choose from. Get familiar with different breeds so you have an idea of what you are looking for. There are also miniature, teacup or runts, tiny dogs that will fit into your purse and accompany you everywhere.

Consider your life stage

If you are a young adult, someone with a family or a senior, many small dogs do just fine with any type of person. However, some are more suited to active people and others do well with people who leave a sedentary life. You have to consider if your pup will be alone for many hours of the day or if you will be home with them. Some breeds do better than others when they are separated from their people.

No matter what decision you make when you adopt your special new friend, remember that a dog is for you to care for and love. Dressing him or her up once in awhile is a fun treat for both of you. Look to Miami Pooch Pet Boutique for all the fun dog apparel in Miami that your little one needs.

Create a special bond with your new little pup that will last a lifetime.

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