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Buy dog clothing from the best store in Miami!


Let’s face it. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who buy dog clothing and those who think pet clothing is absurd. In today’s pet-centric world, most of us treat our dogs as members of the family. To some, they are even like our children. That means we enjoy making them happy and keeping them comfortable. To most pet parents that probably includes giving the family dog a cozy bed, tasty treats, high-quality food, fun toys and regular vet care. It also means cool clothing that is not only fun for you but functions as protective wear in the cold and the heat.

Nothing is sadder than seeing a tiny dog shivering on a chilly day. Regardless of a dog’s size, however, they can get cold just like us humans. So what’s the harm in putting a sweater or jacket on your pup? They stay warm and happy and can go about enjoying their day outside. We don’t walk around naked in the rain, wind or snow so why should they? 

Smaller dogs are little heat mongers. They love to sunbathe and burrow under the covers. They get cold easily and sometimes even on a seemingly warm day. Therefore, a sweater or coat is a must-have for these little creatures in colder months. Many dogs like Dachshunds, Boston Terriers and Pugs have short hair. This means that they don’t have much insulation to protect them from the elements. 

Dog clothing isn’t just for small breeds, however. Although it’s the pocket pups who are usually all clothed up, larger breeds with shorter hair can also benefit from having a winter wardrobe. If your dog hates the rain, as most do, they are a little hesitant to go outside and get drenched in a downpour. Having protective gear for them can be the difference between them doing their business outside or making a mess in the house. From a 50-pound Weimaraner to a 3-pound Chihuahua, every dog should have a nice raincoat for those wet, winter walks.

For those of us who have invested a small fortune in dog clothing, we enjoy seeing our pups wearing stylish duds. It’s not just about fashion, however. It’s about practicality and compassion. No dog should suffer the discomfort of being wet or cold. We need to accept dogs in sweaters, jackets, and raincoats. For some, it is a necessity.

If you are looking to buy dog clothing in Miami for your pampered pooch, the best place to visit is Miami Pooch Pet Boutique. We have some of the best clothing for your dog, small or large. We have important items like coats and sweaters as well as some fun, frivolous items like dresses and costumes. We want to ensure you and your pup are happy. What better way to show your dog you love him or her than buying them clothing to escape the elements.

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Puppy Supplies At Miami Pooch

Why it’s so hard to be a puppy (as told by a puppy)


Have you every looked at a cat or dog and wondered what it would be like to come back to life as a puppy or kitten? Well, I’m here to tell you that life as a puppy is hard work! My person likes to dress me up in dog clothing and accessories and we go everywhere together. Sometimes it’s very exhausting! I’m a little guy so I like to be carried around. Sometimes my person likes to put booties on my feet, a leash on my collar, and make me walk on the ground! How rude!

I live in a human house and I have my own bed and my own area to eat. It’s not a bad setup but living with human little people is very exhausting. They always want to play and run around and sometimes it just wears me out. I climb into my bed fit for a king and just want to sleep. Then, one of my people will wake me up. They just scoop me up, put me in their purse and off we go for another adventure!

So here we are at the pet store. Actually, this is my favorite store of all. We peruse the aisles looking for the perfect outfit, leash, and carrier. All for me! Maybe I am a spoiled pup after all. I haven’t been alive very long so I don’t know if all of this is normal and if it will continue when I get older. Maybe I won’t be as cute when I am older and I won’t be pampered so much. I heard that guy in the white coat tell my Mom that I am a little guy and I won’t grow much. Maybe that means I will retain my cuteness! I sure hope so. 

My human Mommy loves to carry me around in outfits that are cute. She shows me off everywhere. At the nail salon, at the stores, at her friend’s house. Everywhere. I like the outfits she picks out for me but sometimes I really don’t mind being naked. I see a lot of naked dogs running around so maybe they need to go clothes shopping with my Mom too. She has really good taste. She buys these really cool bandanas that I wear around my neck. They keep me very warm. I am a little guy, I get chilly, all the time.

Sometimes at the doggy park, when I’m talking to my friends who are naked, they make fun of my cool clothing and awesome bandanas. I am pretty sure they are completely jealous. One time, my smaller buddy secretly asked me where I got the cool clothes. Miami Pooch Pet Boutique, I tell him. They have the best of the best there. His Mom needs to take him. A few days later he comes strutting into the park with a shiny new collar and leash. I asked him where he got them. Miami Pooch Pet Boutique, of course! He must have told his Mom.

For the best dog clothing and accessories, visit Miami Pooch Pet Boutique. All the dogs are raving about it!

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Keeping Pets Safe During Emergencies

Keep your pet safe during emergencies...

In light of the recent events with Hurricane Irma, it is important that you know what steps to take with your pet during the event of extreme emergencies. This hurricane hit the south of Florida very hard and it is going to take a while to recover from it. Miami Pooch Pet Boutique loves offering you fun dog clothing and accessories for your furry friend but we also want you to make sure your pup is safe at all times.

In a hurricane, pets are subjected to the same hazards as people and have many of the same needs. If you are told to evacuate your home, make sure you have a plan in place that will allow your dog to come with you. Find a shelter that is pet-friendly. Make sure you know that they take pets. In Lee County, Florida during Hurricane Irma, there were only two shelters that would allow pets. After the Lee County Domestic Animal Control spoke to county officials, all but one shelter finally welcomed pets into its shelters. Pets are our family and they deserve a place to be protected from extreme weather also.

You can also evacuate to a friend’s home or pet-friendly hotel outside of the evacuation zone areas.   These are the best options for you and your pet in the event of a mandatory emergency evacuation. Don’t ever leave your pet behind. They can’t fend for themselves during prolonged periods of time alone and in the event of flooding; they may not survive on their own. You may be surprised at how many hotels will open up their doors to pets during a crisis. Florida’s Governor Scott made it mandatory that all hotels in Florida allow pets during Irma.

Don’t forget that your pet will need a Hurricane Disaster Kit also. Include water, non-perishable food, medications and cleanup supplies. You will need a crate or carrier, collar and leash, and up-to-date vaccination records for your pet. Having a recent photo of your pet will be helpful if you get separated. Anything that you would normally have for your pet on a daily basis needs to go with you. Don’t forget, they will get bored to so be sure to pack up the toys also! 

A few things to remember: 

  • Never leave your pet outside during a storm
  • Harsh winds and other weather related issues could be detrimental to your pet. They are domestic animals and are not equipped to weather harsh elements by themselves. 
  • Never leave them together
  • Never leave a cat with a dog, even if the two are normally friends. In extreme and dire circumstances pets can get aggressive even if by nature they are calm and happy.
  • Confine. Keep small pets (birds, hamsters, etc.) away from cats and dogs. As with the cat/dog scenario, certain animals aren’t meant to be near each other in extreme circumstances.

If you find yourself in an emergency crisis, it is important that you have a plan in place for you, your family and of course your pets. Take all precautions necessary so that you come out of an emergency safe and healthy. Miami Pooch Pet Boutique wishes everyone affected by Irma a safe return to their homes. 

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Pet Shop in Miami for Your Dog

Common Pet Misconceptions


Whether it’s a tip from a neighbor or something you found on the Internet, myths about our dogs can steer you in the wrong direction. Getting facts to give your dog the best care possible is important. When it comes to choosing the right dog food or questions about the vet’s office to questions about whether or not dog clothing is right for your pampered pooch, getting the facts is important.

Here are the facts about some common pet misconceptions:

A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth

Not true. If you culture a dog’s mouth you will find just as many cultures as in a human’s mouth.

Dogs wagging their tail mean they are happy

Yes and no. Depending on the type of wag it can often determine if they are anxious or nervous or even happy. It all depends on the angle they are wagging and how fast they are going. All dogs are different. Be aware of your dog’s tail wags and you will be able to determine their mood.

Feeding your dog people food is okay for them

The truth is, table scraps are empty calories for dogs. They need precisely balanced nutrition for their specific life stage and special needs to remain healthy. Find out from your vet which dog foods are good for your dog and have the nutrients they need. And keep Fido away from the human food!

Dogs can see color

This depends on what dog you are asking about. Dogs can distinguish colors but not as well as humans. Different types of dogs see different colors. Color is a visual message that canines detect in their environment. Brightness, movement, and contrast also help your dog see the world around them.

Frequent bathing can cause doggy dandruff

This is absolutely true! Keep dog bathing to a minimum and be certain to use a shampoo that is made specifically for dogs. Human shampoo will irritate their skin. If you still notice flakes on your dog, talk to your veterinarian to make sure you are providing them with proper nutrition for a healthy coat.

Dogs hate wearing clothing and accessories

This again depends on the dog. Just like toddlers go through phases and may not want to wear pants, dogs may be averse to clothing also. Other dogs love the attention and will wear anything you put on them. Only you know your dog and know what they will and will not tolerate. Go slow with the clothing and begin small with a collar or bandana and then branch out to sweaters and t-shirts. Fido will let you know when they have had enough.

Hopefully, some of these pet misconceptions have been answered for you and you can continue to give your pooch the best life possible. If your furry loved one tends to prefer dog clothing, come visit Miami Pooch Pet Boutique and let’s find an outfit (or two!) that your pampered pooch will love! 

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Miami Pet Store

What’s selling at the pet store?


Pets are looking stylish this year and thanks to their owners, they are getting in on the latest styles at Miami Pooch Pet Boutique. When you visit us online or in person, you can see the amazing array of items we have to make your pooch fashion ready. Our wide array of dog clothing and accessories is nothing short of fabulous and we want you to come see why!

Let’s see what’s popular at Miami Pooch Pet Boutique and what’s flying off the shelves! Take a good look because these items won’t last for long!

Croc personalized dog collars

Every dog should have a personalized collar that spells his or her name for the entire world to see! This gorgeous collar is made from PU leather and resembles crocodile skin, for an extra luxurious look. It can be used as a cat collar too! The rhinestone letters can be used to make this custom dog collar truly one of a kind, while the lovely charms add a more creative tone to the design.

Sniffany & Co Dog Bed

Absolute luxury for your pampered pet in the shape of the world’s most coveted little blue box! The plush Sniffany & Co. pet bed is a must have bed for your fashionable fur baby! He or she will feel like royalty when they lay their precious heads at night!

USA soccer dog jersey

Any pet owner who is a USA soccer team supporter will love this item! Made with a beautiful design, this USA dog jersey features the team’s colors of red, white and blue. The number 9 appears on the back, along with an embroidered emblem. The US flag is added to the sleeve, completing the design. Not a USA soccer fan? Don’t worry; we have many other teams available as well! Please remember to measure your pooch before ordering.

Bling, bling dog hair bow set

For the every day pooch that wants to look good, yet comfortable! This everyday comfort bow is easy to use. They are rubber band bows that will stay on and will not snap! This set comes with 6 mixed color hair bows measuring approximately one inch. Styles vary.

Dog costumes

You may not be thinking about it but Halloween is just around the corner! You know you want to dress up Fido so instead of thinking about it, start looking! Before you know it, our fabulous designs will be gone and your pampered pooch won’t be able to get in on the action that is Halloween! We have many styles to choose from, you will find just the right one for your fur baby!

When it comes to stylish and on-trend products for your doggie, Miami Pooch Pet Boutique has it all! If you are looking for dog clothing and accessories for your little one, check us out online and see what all the fuss is about! 

Visit Miami Pooch Pet Boutique and see what’s trending in the puppy world for your pampered pooch! 

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Miami Pooch Pet Boutique

Your canine and human children together


When you have pets and children together, it can make for a wonderful experience for both. Your dog or cat has the unconditional love of an innocent child and your child has that unconditional love right back. When it comes to our dogs, however, sometimes it is important to understand that they may not always tolerate the hugs and kisses from their giddy kiddies. Your child may take their dog accessories, clothing and toys and your pup may see this as an invasion.

Learn to know the signs and teach your child safe snuggling and to know when Fido needs to be alone.

Explain in terms your child can understand

Just as your child knows they shouldn’t go up to a stranger and touch them all over, so should they understand that you can’t always do this with a dog either. As the owner of the dog if it is okay to pet them. Teach them to put a hand out and let them smell your child first. If it is your own dog, teach your child to have respect for your furry friend and that sometimes your pup just wants his own space.

Dogs like their stuff

Grabbing your pup’s toy, especially while he’s playing with it, is never okay. He can nip at them if they feel their stuff is being threatened and it can be dangerous for your child. Encourage them to play games, like fetch, when the time is appropriate.

 A wagging tail…

Is a happy tail, or is it? When it comes to your own dog, you should be able to recognize when he is happy and when he is agitated by his tail. Usually, a wagging tail is a happy dog but not always. Make sure you know your dog’s wagging patterns and teach your child the signs as well.

Let him sleep

It’s never good to wake anyone unexpectedly from sleep and it’s especially bad to disturb a sleeping pup. Surprising a dog when he’s asleep can trigger him to snap. Teach your child to let your pup sleep and that playtime can happen later when he wakes up.

Never approach a dog you don’t know

To keep your child safe, it is important that they understand that although it’s okay to pet their own dog, it isn’t always safe to approach a dog they don’t know. Explain that your dog knows your child’s mannerisms and scent, among other characteristics. A dog you don’t know doesn’t know you either and may not be so receptive to your child’s advances.

Maintaining a healthy and loving relationship between your dog and child is an important aspect of your home life. It is also important that your child understand the difference between your dog and dogs they don’t know. This will keep your child safe, as well as maintaining a healthy relationship between them and our furry friends.

At Miami Pooch Pet Boutique, we strive to dress one dog at a time. We want you to maintain a healthy relationship between your fur babies and your human babies. Shop with your children and help them become more involved in learning the basics about your dog. Visit us today! 

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Spoil Your Dog With Clothes From Miami Pooch!

Should dogs wear clothes?


Some dogs are lucky enough to be considered as a member of the family. Many are even regarded and treated as children. They eat the best food (sometimes even people food), they sleep in fancy beds and have toy boxes overflowing with every dog toy imaginable. They go and visit Santa at Christmas and professional photos of them are hung on the walls. They are even wearing dog clothing! How you feel about your dog is ultimately your decision on how far you will go to make them happy. 

There are many reasons you may choose to clothe your dog. The main reasons are for protection, warmth, and fun. Protection and warmth are pretty legitimate reasons to keep Fido safe but the fun part can be debatable. Working dogs, especially those in search and rescue, wear protective clothing like vests, boots and even life jackets. Other dogs are prone to cold weather so sweaters, boots, and hats are often worn. Small breed dogs, dogs with little hair and geriatric dogs can benefit from these cold weather items. 

Then there is the fun aspect. Halloween costumes and pajamas are all available to dress your pampered pooch. You can dress them up for every occasion, holiday and event that they are a part of. Of course, care should be taken when dressing your dog. Use appropriate fit and only dress a dog that is comfortable with it. Do not force your dog to wear clothing because that can lead to a terrified dog that may lash out. If your dog allows you put clothes on him, give him praise and encouragement in doing so. 

Make sure your pup’s clothing fits correctly. Clothing that is too big can easily become caught or the dog could become entangled in them if he tries to wiggle out of it. Clothes that are too small, on the same token, can be restrictive and cause injury. Watch your dog when he is dressed and make sure he is not chewing or gnawing at the clothing. Be sure to remember that if your dog is engaging in physical activity like running or other play, a “nude” dog is a good dog.

When deciding if fashion is right for you and your dog, only you and your pet can decide this. Some claim that dogs should not be regarded as people so clothing is in appropriate. Other people are comfortable dressing their dogs for everyday life. Consider your dog’s likes and dislikes, personality and needs. Do not force your dog to wear clothing. If your dog seems to be indifferent about clothes or enjoys wearing then dress him up. If it is necessary, as in the case of protection or warmth, be sure to introduce him to clothing is a calm and reassuring manner.

Even though wearing dog clothing is not necessarily natural to a dog, many dogs get used to the idea. Some dogs tolerate it and others soak it up and thrive on all the attention they receive. If you are debating if it is right to dress your dog up, only you and your dog can decide the answer to that.

For the best doggie fashions visit Miami Pooch Pet Boutique and bring your furry one along!

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Dog Clothing Craze at Miami Pooch

Dog clothing craze!


These days it seems like everywhere you go, dogs are walking around in a cute sweater or sporting a trendy shirt or hoodie with adornments on them. What is this craze about dressing your dog in dog clothes? This isn’t just a huge trend in the United States either. Dog clothing and accessories are a big deal in Asia and other countries around the world. Why is everyone dressing their dogs in clothing?

Most people see their dogs as more than a pet. They see them as an addition to the family, a best friend, a confidant and their partner in crime. Our dogs are the loves of our lives so why not spoil what you love? When they stare at you with those loving puppy eyes, you want the very best for them. The best way to spoil them is with hugs, cuddles, yummy food and fashionable dog clothes! Just imagine all the looks you will get when your baby walks down the street with their latest fashions on. 

Dog clothes also serve more than just a fashion purpose. If made the right way, dog fashions can be quite comfortable for your pampered pooch. Getting the right size to fit your dog is an important step. When you find quality clothes designed with comfort and style in mind, you are getting the very best for your best-est friend. In some extreme climates, dog clothing is a must. They can help keep small dogs warm or protect them from the sun. If you live somewhere with harsh winters or just cool nights, clothes can keep your little one warm on their nightly walks. Some dogs have less hair or fur than others. During warmer months, wearing a thin shirt or hoodie is a great way to protect them against burning their skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Other than fashion reasons and climate conditions, why else do people love to get their dogs dressed up in dog clothing? Honestly, because it’s fun! If your dog expresses a disdain for your idea of fun then obviously dressing them up isn’t a good idea. But if they seem to be perfectly fine with it, why not? Show your furry friend off and let people compliment your doggie fashion sense. It’s all in good fun anyway. Just make sure the sizing is right for your dog and the clothes match the current weather conditions.

At Miami Pooch Pet Boutique we want to make sure your little one walks around in the best quality clothing you can get. We hand pick everything we sell and we wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t put on our own pets. We find the best quality dog clothing and accessories we can find while trying to stay on trend and keep the price down. Being a four-legged fashionista doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get them that way. 

If you are looking for great quality dog clothing and accessories, check at Miami Pooch Pet Boutique today.

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Dog Clothing & Accessories in Miami

How to measure your dog for clothing and accessories

 Dog Clothing & Accessories in Miami

Measuring your pup for dog clothing and leashes will ensure their comfort and safety. Fitting your dog can prove to be very difficult because there are no standards to how one brand sizes than another. Unless your local doggie couture has dressing rooms, you need to find an alternative solution to fitting your dog the correct way. 

It is important to find clothing and leashes that fit your dog not only from a fashion standpoint but because it is a matter of safety. Clothing too tight can choke and harm your dog and too loose can cause them to trip and tumble. Read on about how to measure your dog for clothes and leashes.

Every dog designer’s line will differ in sizing methods. Some brands use weight as a guide and others just use generalization with small, medium and large sizing. No two sizing charts are going to match up so it is important that you do the measuring yourself. If you know how and where to measure your dog, you will save yourself a lot of time returning.

Three measurements for your dog

Measure your dog around the neck, chest, and length. To measure around the neck, find the spot where you expect a color to ride. Leave a couple fingers inside your tape measure when you measure because you don’t want the collar to be too tight. For measuring the chest, or girth, you want clothing to fit closely to this measurement especially if you have a dog that travels low to the ground. Measure for the largest area around the chest. A loose fit in the chest will be uncomfortable for your dog but can be a tripping hazard. The last measurement is the length, or back, and is the most complicated. Measure from the collar to the point on the back where the ribs end. If you are measuring for a long coat, go to a point a little short of the tail.

Keep fabric in mind

Dog clothes come in many fabrics. Some are practical like rain wear which is generally nylon or rubberized. Fashion clothing can come in everything from cotton to satin. Stretchy fabrics can have some give. Cotton has no give but is a great choice because it breathes well. Shopping in person gives you the chance to touch fabrics and judge their give. If you are shopping online, don’t be afraid to ask the company what the fabric is like.


When you are buying boots and other footwear for your dog, get your measuring tape out again. Have him stand on a sheet of paper and trace around his paw. Measure from front to back of the result and measure shoes and boots against that length. 

Measuring for leashes

A properly fitted leash will allow you to show your pampered pooch at his best. Walking leashes typically come in two, four and six-foot lengths. To prevent tugging but still give you good control, your leash should let you put your hand on your hip comfortably. 

Comfortable dog clothing and a well-fit leash will let you and your dog express yourselves how you like will keeping comfort and safety at the forefront. Knowing how to measure your dog will save you a lot of time and energy when selecting their new dog clothing and accessories. Let the experts at Miami Pooch Pet Boutique help you find the best fits for your pooch.

Contact us or stop by today!

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Dog Carriers at Miami Pooch Boutique

It’s road trip season! Don’t leave your beloved pooch behind!


This summer more and more people are taking road trips to explore this amazing country of ours. It’s an opportune time to bring the family dog along for the ride. Before you load Fido into the car with the rest of the family, make sure you take the steps needed to make sure your dog has a pleasant and safe trip as well. You will need the right dog clothing and accessories as well as making sure you have a checklist of things to do before you leave.

What’s more heart wrenching than those big sad puppy eyes gazing at you as you leave your baby at the local kennel or with a pet sitter while you go off on vacation? Take him or her along instead! Here is how to have a happy, hassle-free vacation with puppy in tow.

Visit the vet

Before you take off, bring your dog to the vet for a checkup and any vaccinations needed. Get his nails clipped and make sure his teeth are in healthy shape. Ask for copies of prescriptions your dog make be taking and be sure to ask for a health certificate that states your dog is healthy and current on vaccinations. Some states require this certificate when you are crossing state lines, even in your car. Better to be prepared than not.

Secure your dog safely

Make sure your puppy is securely fastened in the car at all times when it is in motion. You can bring his crate along or put him in a harness and then fasten the harness to the seat belts. However, you choose to do this, make sure he is safe and secure in the car.

Pack for the pooch

Make sure you have food and water easy to reach. Bring a portable water bowl and bring his favorite toy or blanket along as well. Using some dog clothing helps as well. Sweaters or harnesses that are fitting but not binding will help your pup feel more secure in the car.

Plan for pit stops

A potty break every two hours is ideal for Fido as well as you. Plan these stops into your travel time.

Find dog-friendly lodging

Many major hotel chains will accommodate pets but you should always check in advance and have a general idea which chains are pet-friendly.

Find a doggie destination

Make sure you choose a vacation destination that accepts dogs. There are thousands of options in the US. There are also many house rentals that will allow you to bring your pooch along. Places like Airbnb and VRBO have many house rentals on their sites that allow pets.

When it comes to your summer vacation don’t forget to include your furry family member as well. Whether you are hitting the Grand Canyon or taking a beach vacation, there are tons of places pets are allowed. Explore this great country of ours and don’t forget the family dog!

Visit Miami Pooch Pet Boutique to get everything you need for your pups perfect road trip. From dog clothing to carriers, we have it all!

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